M.Pharm is actually a 2 year post graduate program after B.Pharm. After doing PG in Pharmacy, the candidates get expertise in practical as well as acquire command on specialized field. The career options after M.pharm are quite diverse. There are a lot of specialization options offered to M.Pharm courses from which one can select the most preferred one. Students pursuing M.pharm can easily get jobs in both, government as well as private sector.

The different fields where an M.Pharm Candidate are often hired in are:


The job opportunities available in govt. sector for M.pharm graduates are listed below-

  • Drug Controller
  • Professor
  • Pharmacist
  • Research Analyst
  • Pharmaceutical Research Associate


In India variety of pharmacy colleges are present. Pharmaceutical postgraduate students are suitable candidates for teaching. One needs to develop new pharmacy skills in a very reliable place. The initial salary could be as small as 15k–30k per month with M.Pharm credentials, but the job may be very pleasant with multiple benefits like accommodation and holidays. In terms of quality of life and work flexibility, it’d be a decent career. One will also be able to engage in research work in the teaching field and may enroll in part-time doctoral programs while teaching graduate students.


Currently, India’s pharmaceutical industry is actually the third largest in volume worldwide. The future of the Indian pharmaceutical industry is incredibly promising.. Several MNC pharmaceutical companies have fairly good market access in India compared to other countries.

There are many reasons for start-up culture to be rare within the pharmaceutical industry. There are lots of regulations in place the product needs to be defect free, so there’ll be expensive tools and machinery. Few entrepreneurial Themes are:

  • Active pharmaceutical ingredients manufacturing
  • Manufacturing od excipients and raw materials
  • Production of biological products
  • Manufacturing on Sub-Contraction basis
  • Sub-contraction for R&D
  • Production of new formulations


Pharmaceutical manufacture involves all drugs in several dosage forms and cosmetics. The employment locations can range from small town industrial locations to large towns. Pharmaceutical manufacturing Industry provides a decent future in manufacturing of medicines and pharmaceutical products. An individual will get good salaries after they become an approved Chemist.


The jobs in this field involve implementation and documentation of methods and procedures for testing, inspecting, and evaluating the processed materials, products that are finished or partially finished. Quality Control and quality assurance is required to especially maintain efficacy and safety in production of pharmaceutical products. The job profile of Regulatory affairs involves preparation of dossiers for exporting drugs into foreign countries.


The job profile in R&D involves role in biotech, medicine and agricultural sectors. In addition, this profile involves research in-

  • clinical research,
  • formulations,
  • drug discovery,
  • new drug targets,
  • new mechanisms, 
  • delivery systems,
  • discovery of new drugs biosafety,
  • bioavailability studies, etc.

Traditional research involving the research in formulations, M.Pharm with specialization in Pharmaceutical Chemistry or Pharmaceutical Biotechnology will further assist to enter the Analytical R&D field.

Candidates that have specialization in Pharmaceutical or Pharmaceutical Chemistry M.pharm can enter the field of F&D or Formulation Production. F&D is just as significant as discovery of new drug moiety. It involves identification of much better and new formulation, Combination of active pharmaceutical ingredients


There are many jobs within the Sales and Marketing. This can further be an ideal opportunity for students who enjoy work with people and help consumers find useful solutions to their requirements. This job profile is completely suitable for a dynamic, proactive person, who has really good communication skills. M.Pharm candidates with a specialty in Pharmacology or MBA graduates can even acquire PMT jobs. This job profile includes-

  • market knowledge,
  • marketing,
  • market analysis,
  • strategy making,
  • sales and financial materials,
  • scientific research, etc.

Moreover, there’s a good wage structure too. Above all, for good results the rewards are very lucrative. Of course, the work is tough, however it is also very satisfying.


Community or hospital pharmacy involves-

  • counseling of patients,
  • advising them about drug interactions, dosage forms,
  • instructions for taking medicines.

Hospital pharmacy is a really good career option even after completion of graduation. This field requires considerable skills and knowledge as this is often very critical role. In India the scope of community pharmacy isn’t very good but slowly it’s becoming popular day by day. Govt. and pharmacy council of India are taking a lot of steps in order to improve the conditions as much as possible.


This particular job profile includes-

  • case report,
  • implementation of data management plans according to the project protocol,
  • analyze as well as evaluation of clinical data,
  • design consultation & development of clinical trials protocols.


Pharmacovigilance is defined as the prevention and study of Adverse Drug reactions or in simple terms it’s called as drug safety. Several drugs are taken off or not even brought in to the market due to Pharmacovogilance studies. After M.pharm one can choose pharmacovigilance as career, as this field contains a lot of opportunities. The govt supports and helps to implement quality systems in all medicinal companies that manufacture medicine.

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