About Us

Cambridge Education College

Learning and unlearning are the 2 pillars on which an individual succeeds in life. Education is a medium by which a person acquires essential knowledge and skills to make a living, be a responsible citizen and progress in life. Education is evolving everyday and newer techniques of teaching, gadgets are coming up. It important to stay updated as science is progressing every minute. Hence the aim of education today is to bring up individuals who are equipped to handle the problems of modern world.

Keeping modern world in mind we aim at shaping successful people. We engrave upon them the importance of being righteous and useful, at the same time an integrated personality. Since education as all know lays the foundation stone for the future of the country, we have established this college as the small step towards the upliftment of the society by educating the students from North India.

We stress upon the fact that modern students are more liberal, open to newer concepts and progressive, and we appreciate it. Reasoning is the the future as greatest of the discoveries were made by just asking a Question!

Keeping all this in mind Cambridge College of Education, Birar, was established in 2006 due to unswerving efforts made by Sh. Sajjan Singh Yadav under aegis of a trust named AHIRWAL SEWA TRUST for the advancement of his own people under the notion ‘service to humanity’. The main aim behind the establishment of this institution was to provide a platform for professional education to the educationally backward region of Southern Haryana which consists Dadri, Rewari, Jhajjar.

With a determination to face all odds, the Founder Sh. Sajjan Singh donated his ancestral agricultural land in BIRAR to the college.